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5th & 6th grade strategy

Published by Adam French
Aug 30, 2018
The 5th and 6th-grade teams will be concentrating on perfecting the basics. Ball handling, pivoting, passing and layups will be stressed. Along with those, foul shot alignment w/boxing out, inbound plays, jump shots off a pass, screen & roll, motion defense and play time at the end of each practice will be covered. Our goal is to have repetition throughout the elementary years. Therefore, when the players reach high school they will have a strong knowledge of the game.

In adddition to intramural/recreational at this level, we introduce tournament/travel leagues. Everyone is welcome to try-out for the travel teams but no one is guaranteed a spot on the team. Everyone is guaranteed a spot on an intramural/recreational team.

For the boys, to be eligible for the travel team, one must participate in the intramural league as well. For the girls, they play either for the recreational or the travel team, not both. However, this is left to the discretion of the commisioner. There is a greater time commitment for those chosen for the tournament/travel teams. Players must be willing to accept this time commitment if they decide to play on the tournament teams. Intramural/recreational teams generally have a 2-3 days per week commitment. Games and practices are typically held at WREC or the Old Gym at the High School. At the intramural/recreational level, all players will get equal playing time. At the tournament/travel level, each player is guaranteed a minimum of 3 minutes per half. Tournament/travel league players will have a 4 day per week commitment.

The WBC, along with the school coaches, will conduct evaluations for 5th and 6th graders. The purpose of these sessions is to try and balance teams as evenly as possible. These evaluations also serve to fill the rosters of the tournament/travel teams. Preference will be given to players who attend both evaluation sessions. Attendance at the evaluations is for players and evaluators only. The evaluations are closed to family members.